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Moving September 1? Give me your stuff.

Hello, I know a lot of you are moving apartments this weekend. If you happen to be throwing some (good) stuff out in the process, I’m hoping to acquire the following:

  • a couch
  • a floor lamp
  • a nice kitchen-sized metal garbage can that seals
  • string lights or small track lights (to line under kitchen cabinets)
  • a knife sharpener (for cooking and misandry)

Do you have any of these things? Would you like to get rid of them?

Screencapped last night…. Dunwell has an open call for baristas today, Thursday 8/28 from 12-1pm ET. Now I’m hungry.

Screencapped last night…. Dunwell has an open call for baristas today, Thursday 8/28 from 12-1pm ET. Now I’m hungry.

Job: Radio Relations Manager at CMJ (New York, NY)

Here’s your chance to join CMJ’s radio department! You’ll be a promoter, but rather than for bands, like, for the College Music Journal. I’m hoping we’ll end up working together if you get this job, so apply for it.

Job: afterschool/babysitter relationship wanted for preschooler (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

From my rad friend, Autumn, who is relocating to Brooklyn soon: “Looking for an energetic person who’s hoping to pick up a few hours for after school care. Our son is 4 years old and will be starting Pre-K in September. He’ll need to be picked up three days a week from his school, and 2 days a week from NY Kids Club in Park Slope. We’ll be home by 6:45, so only an hour of care is needed each day on a regular basis, but we’d like to establish a good relationship with someone reliable for school holidays/closures and perhaps the occasional date night. Payment is negotiable both on rate and terms! Our son is well-behaved, sweet, and likes to play, read, and pretend. He’s imaginative and enjoys his cars, trucks, coloring, and being active. He also really likes music and has a wealth of opinions about it.”

Email [at] gmail [dot] com

Roommate needed: May 1 (Philadelphia, PA)


My friend (and former roommate) Rae has dreamy taste. She lives in a 2br in West Philly and needs a roommate for May 1.

"There will be a room opening in my apartment May 1st (flexible). I live in a bright and lovely second floor 2 bedroom apartment on 51st and Catherine in West Philly. The building is on the corner and gets lots of light. Two blocks from Dock Street, PFCU, Mariposa Coop, Little Baby’s, Satellite Cafe and the 34 Trolley.
The room is medium sized with three large windows. $375-$400/mo depending on length of commitment. I have 6mo left on the lease (Nov. 1) and I am willing to make a deal with someone who will stay the duration. Here is a picture:


The apartment will be shared with me and my little dog Olive. I am a nurse who works nights so there will be a lot of evening alone time at the apartment. I’d prefer someone who would be considerate of my need to sleep in the daytime, i.e. no loud music or band practice at noon. Otherwise I am pretty easy going.”

email rliberto [at] gmail [dot] com

Gig: Design + Online Marketing for a Beach Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)

I am sorry this is super vague but my friend’s mom hit me up on facebook: “Hi I have a job to post. It’s to make a business sign and marketing for getting customers online for a beach hotel.” I’ve deduced this job is pretty cool though I know nothing about it. Email: Rozitaro [at] yahoo [dot] com

Job(s): a bunch of stuff at King Noodle (Bushwick)

My friend owns a restaurant. They’re hiring servers and cooks right now. This isn’t a normal restaurant. You should definitely work there.

From my friend, the chef / owner: “Anyone want a job at King Noodle? I’m hiring a full time cook, and as a hiring bonus I’ll give you any well shot and a draft beer. You’ll learn a lot about house music, hustling, cabbage, teamwork and friendship. King Noodle will provide you on the job training which will help you get ahead in today’s competitive workplace. You’ll learn skills like rice washing, sweeping, standing for long periods and making kimchee. And best of all, you’ll gain perspective on your own mortality, the impermanence of your existence and the nearly immediate erasure of all your food accomplishments from the corporeal world.”